Crop Feeders

Curved, stainless steel feeding needles:

Teats (Infusion cannula) .15 cents each any quantity.

Small, white plastic tips that attach onto the end of a luer lock syringe for use in very small mouths.  These teats are approx. an inch and a third long and  graduate to a size that is similar in size to a ball point pen.  These work with the luer lock syringes we offer below for the crop feeders.  Individually wrapped in cellophane.

Luer-lock syringes that fit on all the above stainless steel crop feeders.

Also work with the above "TEATS".

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Prices are subject to change - Please call or view brochure for current pricing

3 cc $1.10 each or 5 for $5.00

5/6 cc $1.25 each or 5 for $5.00

10/12 cc $1.75 each or 5 for $7.50

20 cc $1.85 each or 5 for $8.50

30/35 cc $2.00 each or 5 for $9.00